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These days, businesses of all shapes and sizes are considering migrating their servers from in-house, on-site, to colocation data centers. Handing over responsibility for the management and maintenance of your servers sounds like a great idea and it comes with a wide variety of awesome benefits. But senior management sometimes remains skeptical and raises concerns when the proposal is made.

Here are six of the most common concerns about data center colocation, and why you don’t need to worry!

I Don’t Want To Give Up Control

Handing over your servers can be scary. But with colocation, you don’t have to give up control at all! Although they are located off-site, you retain full control over the management of your servers, with some centers even offering access 24/7.


I Don’t Want To Be Locked Into A Contract

Although some colocation centers do things differently, Coloco doesn’t like to lock down its clients. Our colocation services are based on monthly subscriptions with no contracts and can be canceled at any time.

I Don’t Want My Costs To Increase

While initially you might see a cost increase, in the long term colocation is all about saving money for your business. Data centers leverage economies of scale to offer amazing value to businesses of all sizes and colocation services are generally extremely good value for money.


I Don’t Need That Much Security

You would be surprised! The value of data increases every year and your servers are potentially the most valuable part of your organization. Don’t you think that deserves the best security you can get?

I’m Worried My Small Business Won’t Be A Priority

In every industry, small businesses are concerned about losing out to the big boys when it comes to customer service. But this really shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to colocation. Great colocation services like Coloco value their smaller clients as much if not more than their larger ones and will take care of everyone’s needs equally.

Moving My Servers Sounds Risky

There are obviously a lot of moving parts to a server migration process, but expert colocation centers know exactly what they are doing and can handle every issue that arises. You’ll be fully involved in the move, and the odds of anything getting lost in transit are about the same as being struck by lightning!

To find out more about whether colocation is for you, get in touch with Coloco today!