Should I Trust “The Cloud” or Make My Own Backups?

Sometimes, a question might come into your mind, “should I trust the cloud or make my own backups?” We can agree that the cloud revolutionized the modern era. Unlike personal backups, it allows you to save your data to its mega servers in case you lose all your data. You still have it stored safely on a cloud server as a backup. On the contrary, significant security concerns are associated with cloud usage, while personal backups are relatively safer than clouds. So — what should you do? To help you decide between cloud vs. personal backup, we have discussed four essential factors that you should keep in mind.

1.     Data Criticality

Some of the data can never be replaced. You can’t risk the mega confidential database that took you years to collect. Imagine, all your hard work is gone because your personal backup is damaged. Can you replicate your data as it was? Probably not. What if you store your data as a backup at another place? Yes, that’s where cloud storage wins!

2.     The Reputation of the Cloud Server and its Security

We have heard this headline numerous times. “Hackers stole the data of millions of people.” None of us wants our data to be used against us. This is why, before selecting a place to store your data, you should always research its reputation. Coloco has a level 3 security by century link and generators for backup protection. Making itself a highly challenging target for the hackers.

3.         Accessibility

Unlike personal backups, the cloud offers remarkable accessibility. You can store your data from any device to the cloud server. Similarly, access it from anywhere and on any device you like. This data mobility gives cloud backups a significant edge over personal backups.

4.     Importance of WiFi

Another downside to storing your files on a cloud server is having access to an internet facility. You always need a stable internet connection to access your files present on the cloud. But it is still a better option than losing all your data, right?

Bottom Line: What’s The Best Deal?

Up until now, we have discussed the pros and cons of cloud servers and personal backups. What if we tell you that there is something more advanced and productive than both of these options? We are talking about colocation. It is almost like a cloud server, but it can do much more than what a cloud server can do. The cloud server provides storage for virtual assets only. In comparison, colocation offers storage for virtual assets as well as physical IT assets. The best part is it’s more secure than a cloud database.

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