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High Performance, Affordable, No Contracts



Get Rackin'

Get Your Servers Out of the Closet. Colocate.

Remove the headache, noise, and risks of housing your servers on-site with data center colocation.


Choosing a Coloco colocation facility allows your company to access data center power, cooling, communication, and data center server floor space for better reliability and performance.

Data Center Space

Trust Coloco provided colocation services — an experienced data center facility management with professional data center security offering 24x7x365 interior and exterior surveillance. Coloco colocation data centers offer world-class security including cages, card readers, PIN access, and advanced biometrics and physical access control.

Coloco colocation data center systems are better than other data center companies. Coloco offers live equipment monitoring and is built to never go down in any type of emergency. Coloco’s colocation services guarantee reliable access to uninterrupted power (UPS), battery backup (UPS), and multiple diesel generators with multiple chiller and air conditioning systems to protect your hardware.

Coloco colocation pricing is start racks, and gig power racks, in addition to half racks and full racks. Colocation services like rack and stack which is receiving and unpacking hardware, setting up, and power and initial configuration support get you running quickly.

The Coloco data center server is your home for fast Internet access, gigabit, 10 gigabits, 100 gigabits, 100GE, and faster. The Coloco data center is built to be completely fault tolerant and has redundancy for every component with an expected uptime of more than 99.99%.


Most businesses do not have the capability and/or time to constantly maintain and monitor their equipment or don’t have the infrastructure to do so. Building in-house data center servers require a huge investment to be made. With colocation services, benefits are acquired at a lower cost Coloco can augment your team.

Your Coloco colocation facility offers everything you need to support network storage and cloud services with colocation pricing planned to meet your needs.

Half rack is a good start to expand the future.
Full rack is when you’re ready to go fast. Colocation services are great but the colocation costs are even better.


Coloco colocation hosting allows businesses to purchase their own equipment and simply pay for the space and resources in the data center. Coloco offers scalable solutions that fit best for your business.

Coloco colocation services are a comprehensive package providing support, security, redundancy, and connectivity at a cheap colocation cost compared to your current hosting. By utilizing colocation services and colocation hosting, you gain the ability to focus on your business.

Coloco colocation hosting allows you to grow your business without fear. You will have the room to grow, secure and protect your systems today and into the future. Your location doesn’t matter with fully managed colocation hosting services from Coloco – we do all of the worrying for you!

Big or Small, We Rack’em All

Pre-engineered colocation and ready-to-go for you.

Starter Rack

Gig Power Rack

AI Launch Bundle

10Gig Duo Rack

Why Choose Coloco?

Fast. Reliable. Affordable. Data Center Space Colocation.


Your internet needs to move fast

  • Multiple Transit Providers
  • BGP-4 Routing Network
  • Direct Peering
  • Redundant Connectivity
  • 24/7 Human Network Monitoring
  • Over 150 Gbps Capacity
  • DDOS Mitigation
  • Ready To Go!


Industry-leading colocation pricing

  • Starter Rack: starting at $295 per month, including internet access (100 Mbps)
  • Gig Power Rack: $495 per month, including internet access (1,000 Mbps)
  • AI Launch Bundle: $2,495/month, including internet access (10,000 Mbps)
  • 10G Duo Rack: $2,995 per month, including internet access (10,000 Mbps)
  • No hidden Fees or Charges


Your systems are always up in our Data Center

  • Our Data Center was purpose-built by CenturyLink / Level3, and upgraded by us
  • Your systems are always protected by generator
  • Colocation facilities in Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Coloco+ Colocation Services

Colocation Has Never Been So Easy

No More Midnight Trips To The Office

Everything Is Under Your Control

Coloco+ Includes:

Rack 'n Stack

Hardware Receiving & Unpacking

Power Support


“I’ve done colo before. It takes weeks to get set up. Coloco had me up in 1 day!”



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