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Are you thinking about whether or not switching to colocation is a good idea? This blog will help you understand why you should switch to colocation. Let’s start.

To start with, colocation centers provide the secure infrastructure needed to store data and house servers for business operations. Businesses pay a fee and in exchange, they can use  the services. This saves businesses a huge amount of money.  It also provides them top notch security for their data because they do not have to invest in attaining secure locations for servers.  The colocation company keeps the servers up to date and free from online threats.  The alternative plan is to build your own data “closet” and hire a team to manage it.  Not a cheap option at all.

Colocation providers also have a backup facility that adds to the increased security they can offer. Businesses minimize their chance of losing any kind of data with a colocation provider. Here is a list of advantages a business can experience through it and all the reason why it is a wise and profitable decision:

1. Uninterrupted, Consistent Access to Data

Firstly, colocation providers ensure all locations are free from physical threats and the servers stay free from online dangers. A team of subject matter experts (SMEs) ensure that everything is up to date and the data is ready to be accessed by businesses anytime they require. Hence, businesses receive uninterrupted access to their data and hardware any time of the day and night.

2. Bursting Capability

Colocation centers enable businesses to have the flexibility of setting their bandwidth according to the amount of traffic without the expense of having to build it themselves. 

3. Improved Connectivity

Abundant  network connections ensure that essential applications for business processes run smoothly and are constantly available.0

4. IT Infrastructure Expansion

Last but not least, colocation services provide businesses a chance to improve their IT infrastructure at significantly lower expenses. Therefore, if a business is expanding, it can save a huge amount of money by opting for colocation services for their increased IT needs.

All in all, colocation services offer businesses an opportunity to save their money while utilizing top notch, secure IT services. In addition, here’s a list of some the top Colocation providers you can choose from:

  • Coloco.net
  • Equinix
  • Digital Reality Trust
  • China telecom
  • China Unicom
  • China Mobile
  • Cyrus One

Did you like the blog? Here at Coloco, we like to keep it interesting yet informative. Read our blogs in order to understand why you should switch to colocation.