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The revenue of Amazon Web Service grew up to 37% in the first quarter of 2022. Numerous companies, as well as individuals, are using this service for server management and cloud computing.

However, a major drawback of AWS has been witnessed lately, which has been ignored for a long time. AWS users have complained their invoice keeps changing. It is challenging to look out for unexpected changes in charges while working on enhancing your business outcome.

So, here is what you need to know about AWS and a user-friendly alternative to it.

Why Does the Amazon Invoice Keep Changing?

The AWS pricing depends on many factors, such as the location of resources, inbound or outbound networking, computing power, and usage time. Keeping track of all these factors is a hassle when you are managing a business at a higher level.

The charges for specific services change based on hours and minutes. Besides, the server you use for your data also affects the total cost. Networking is also a crucial factor. Though inbound networking is free, anything you want to send out of their network will cost you.

There are calculators for estimating the overall cost, which is great for one-time calculation. However, calculating the price every time you use a certain service or your charges change is not manageable.

Coloco; The Ultimate Solution to Unexpected Price Fluctuation

Coloco offers high-performance and affordable cloud computing services without the need to look out for unexpected price fluctuations. Keeping in view all the determinants of pricing, the cost is pre-calculated, so the users have to pay a fixed price.

It means no hassle in calculating the invoice every time you use a specific service or the time usage limit is exceeded. You have to pay a one-time price and can enjoy all the perks of cloud computing effortlessly.

You can drop a message to Coloco Customer Support if you have any queries or want to know more about tier services.

Bottom Line

If you are looking forward to a hassle-free cloud computing and colocation experience, make sure you choose the one that demands less from the user. Compared to Amazon Web Service, Coloco offers you ultimate convenience when dealing with invoices.