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Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud computing platform broadly adopted by businesses across the world. The company claims to serve millions of customers, including “fastest-growing start-ups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies”.

The company offers over 200 products and services, including storage, computing, networking, database, and others. The brand value of Amazon has helped the company attract customers all over the world. However, one of the principal barriers the customers often have to deal with is its expensive and overly complex pricing structure.

According to AWS expert and cloud architect Forrest Brazeal, “AWS has the most confusing billing of any cloud provider and the lowest amount of flexibility to control your spending”.

Understanding AWS Invoice 

The AWS bill for the previous month is generated at the beginning of each month. The money is automatically charged to your chosen payment method between the third and fifth of each month. However, you must have noticed that the invoice amount is never fixed and often comes with surprises.

Why is the billing structure of AWS so confusing? The truth is that AWS comprises hundreds of services, and each has its pricing models. On this webpage, you can find the cost of various AWS products listed. You need to scroll down to services and click the icon to get details. The details may look scary with several numbers and so many details. Moreover, different services offered by AWS often operate slightly differently, and thus it becomes difficult to understand the entire workload active on a single account.     

Remember, every decision you make every day has a different cost, and it is almost impossible to track it. The bill comes with millions of lines detailing the price of each item. Even the most knowledgeable person can find it challenging to decipher the costs associated with individual products. You can combine information from various sources to calculate the bills. It is a rigorous and lengthy process.  

Coloco Can Be an Ideal Alternative

You can keep experimenting with various permutations and combinations to keep your AWS bill under control. You can also look for a more sustainable solution, such as data center colocation. It is fast, affordable, and reliable.

You store your server in a colocation center and get access to redundant power, connectivity, and cooling facility. Your systems are always up and monitored by a team of experts. 

Coloco offers colocation services in Baltimore and Washington DC area. You can choose from our four available monthly plans. All the services you can avail of under each plan are clearly mentioned here

You know what to expect from a colocation plan and how the price is determined. No hidden costs and no surprises. In addition to the monthly charge, you also have to pay a one-time installation fee, unlike Amazon!  

Have questions? Get in touch with us and let us help you set up your server.