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You can’t expect humans to survive below and higher than a certain temperature. They would either freeze to death or burn to death. The same goes to our technological equipment, including data centers. If you didn’t know before, it is very important to keep in mind the importance of data center cooling. There is a reason why data center construction experts exist. They can help you choose the best cooling method fit for you. However, it is never advised to completely give control to them. You should always make sure you understand the basic terms yourself, which is what we are here to help you with.

Data Center Cooling

Let’s start with processor-based air conditioning systems. Using it can help you manage the temperatures since it can measure the fluctuations and react according to it all automatically! On top of that, advanced real time IT can monitor these fluctuations. This can help in:

  • Getting alerts in case the temperatures are out of their natural state
  • Ensure of any accidents
  • Aware of any spikes and provide warrant inspections
Data center cooling

Another important note is to remember that these data center servers are constantly in use, meaning they constantly generate heat. Cooling is needed to decrease the produced heat so that everything runs smoothly without generating any issues. So, what would happen if these coolers malfunction or stop doing their jobs? That is why it is always advised to include a backup air conditioning unit. The backup can be activated the moment the primary system falls behind.

Our third point for you to remember talks about humidity. No matter how professional the construction services are, always make sure to ask about the humidity inside the data centers. That is because they interfere with the abilities of the data center construction. Always make sure to include data center humidity control once in a while since high humidity can cause problems.

Data Center Cooling System Options

Maintaining suitable environment for your data center equipment is extremely important. There are several data center cooling system options for you to choose from:

1- Water cooling systems

2- Air cooling systems

3- Evaporation cooling systems

As you can see, there are many things to think about while installing data center AC units. Now that you know the basics, you can also understand which types of air conditioning units are the perfect fit for you! If you care to learn more, you are more than welcome to read our blogs on Coloco. Enjoy learning new things about data centers!