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If you want to avoid dealing with complex on-site networking infrastructure and maintenance, it’s time to unlock cloud networking!

Cloud networking uses internet-based networks to connect and manage resources and services in a cloud computing environment. Also referred to as network as a service (NaaS), It allows your company to access scalable, flexible, and secure networking infrastructure and services. Hence, you can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase agility.

Cloud Networking explained

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail what cloud networking is, how it works, what the different types are, and how it can benefit your organization!

How Does It Work?

Cloud computing uses networking technologies and resources hosted on a cloud computing platform and delivered as a service. This includes virtual private networks (VPNs), load balancers, and network address translation (NAT).

Simply put, cloud computing is a service for delivering network infrastructure online. It enables organizations to access and use networking resources and capabilities on demand without building and maintaining their on-premises networking foundation.

Different Types:

When understanding what it is, it is essential to understand its four common types too:

1.   Public

Public cloud networking refers to using a public cloud, an environment owned and operated by a cloud service provider (CSP) and shared by multiple organizations.

2.   Private

Private cloud networking refers to using a cloud environment dedicated to a single organization and not shared with other organizations. They can be hosted both on- or off- premises.

3.   Hybrid

Hybrid cloud networking uses a combination of on-premises and cloud resources. A hybrid cloud allows an organization to take advantage of the benefits of both private and public clouds.

4.   Community

Community cloud networking refers to using a community cloud, an environment shared by multiple organizations with a standard set of requirements or goals.


It is an integral part of how businesses today use cloud computing to be more agile, innovative, and efficient. Also, it enables your organization to scale its infrastructure quickly and expand into new regions without purchasing and maintaining physical networking equipment.

This helps organizations meet their growing infrastructure needs and quickly deliver applications. Plus, using affordable colocation with it can allow organizations to build a flexible and reliable IT infrastructure.

Advantages For Your Company

This can benefit you in many ways. For instance:

  • Cost Savings: Organizations can reduce the cost associated with purchasing and maintaining physical networking infrastructure.
  • Flexibility: Organizations can scale their networking resources up and down as needed. This allows you better to align your networking capabilities with your changing business needs.
  • Reliability: The multiple redundant systems in place ensure that networks remain available, offering high uptime and reliability.
  • Security: Solidifying your organization’s cyber security is exceptionally crucial. Providers such as Coloco typically have advanced security measures to protect their networks and the data passing through them.

Conclusion: Find The Best Services At Coloco!

Cloud networking allows your company to use cloud computing services to provide networking capabilities and connectivity between devices and resources in a cloud environment. It benefits organizations through its cost-saving, flexible, reliable, secure, and simplistic nature.

However, these benefits can only come with a trusted and reliable service provider. The Coloco services and facilities Coloco offers are superior and unmatched! Coloco is a leading provider of cloud networking services, offering various solutions to help businesses build and manage their networks in the cloud.

Whether you need to connect your employees to cloud resources or build a network that can scale as your business grows, Coloco has the expertise to help you succeed. Contact Coloco support now to become a partner with the top service providers. Let’s get you rackin’!