Top 4 Determinants of The Colocation Price You Pay

A colocation data center is an outstanding facility for streamlining the data management system. It signs you up for benefits like extensive connectivity, enhanced security, high performance and redundancy, and scalability — all of these hands-on management facilities in exchange for a predetermined colocation price. But how much does colocation exactly cost?

This article outlines the 4 factors that will help you determine how much you have to pay for your varying data center needs and its unique requirements. Let’s dig in!

1.   Rack Capacity

Rack space is the most common determining factor in your colocation pricing. It refers to the physical expanse you need for your servers on a rack. Colocation racks are structural units used to store, organize, and protect the servers and other critical IT equipment.

The price based on rack space can be determined using these three ways:

  1. 1U Colocation Pricing: Per unit rack space (U) equivalent to 1.75 inches in height.
  2. Full Rack: A full-sized rack cage equivalent to 42U or 19 or 23 inches wide racks.
  3. Half Rack: A piece of equipment that only takes up to half of a rack’s width, depth, or height.

2.   Colocation Setup

Once you start using colocation hosting, your service provider will charge you an initial fee for setting you up with a proper colocation facility. It entails an assortment of services like transferring and installing your in-house data center or your equipment in the colocation data center. This task is time-consuming and, of course, requires an effort worth charging.

Tip: In most cases, the colocation setup fee is not charged on a fixed price basis; thus, it is wise to discuss and mutually agree on this price determinant in advance.

3.   Internet & Interconnectivity

When you opt for colocation services, it requires an Internet-based VPN connection. Most data centers have multiple ISP connections or a direct connection with the Internet Service Provider (ISP). They also install high-end fiber optic cables to ensure that you get optimum internet speed for smooth data processing.

Your colocation pricing is largely impacted by what level of interconnectivity and bandwidth you’re getting.

4.   Support & Troubleshooting

The colocation fee typically does not include IT support. You have to set up, deploy, monitor and maintain your hardware at the data center by yourself on a regular basis. But if your colocation service provider also offers managed services, it will be a major contributor to your colocation pricing.

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