Three Trends That Will Supercharge Demand For Colocation

Data center colocation is a booming industry, and getting hotter by the day. Despite the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the colocation industry is well-set for large-scale, sustainable growth in the near future. So what is behind this wave of data centers? What makes colocation providers like Coloco so popular? what are some trends that will supercharge demand for colocation?

We examine a few of the trends that are driving growth in the colocation industry and take a look at why it is the best option for server hosting across the board.

Increase in Client Traffic

Studies show that around 5.3 billion people – that’s almost 66% of all people on the planet – will have access to the internet by 2023. This is an enormous increase, jumping from only 3.9 billion back in 2018.

The sheer volume of people connecting to servers means that data-center-based connectivity is vital. And while the number of people, give or take, is finite, the number of devices they use just keeps growing. More research shows that there are likely to be around 29 billion internet-connected devices by 2023, meaning that global internet traffic is only going one way – up.

Application Weight

Websites used to be simple and lightweight, a basic HTML code with basic capabilities. These days however websites are all-singing and all-dancing and have to be able to handle all manner of actions from payment to video streaming.

With new software becoming available every minute, websites and apps need to be able to keep up. And so does the infrastructure behind them. As a result, data centers will play an ever-increasingly important role in just keeping websites and apps tik(tok)ing over.

More Time Online

As more people get access to the internet and websites and apps develop new, more exciting capabilities, time spent online increases. Even as app downloads decrease, people spend more time using the ones they already have. Some reports suggest that users are likely to spend up to 88% of their time on some online platform this year!

As people live life increasingly online, more servers and connection options will be necessary. Data centers provide everything that is necessary to stay up to speed with a far more digital world.

In conclusion, to find out more about this exciting and vital trend, check out Coloco today for all your data center colocation needs!

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