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Has colocation changed due to Covid-19? Let’s find out everything about colocation in Covid-19.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have seen many ups and downs globally. Doesn’t matter to which industry or sector you belong to, COVID-19 has affected every single individual in the form of different aspects. The ongoing work from the home initiative has brought many changes in the working format of companies, resulting in a sudden increase in demand for many things including colocation.

An Instant Yet Constant Change

There are more small businesses than large businesses.  Most small companies had their own server rooms and IT staff to operate and maintain the data. However, due to an immediate shut down of offices, businesses had no choice except to move their hardware to data centers.  Building data centers is not an affordable option for people who own small companies. Therefore, choosing the right data center to house your servers in is important as it will impact on your earnings.

If you have a business and want to move your data to a proper data center, why not try Coloco. Why?

Reasons to Choose Coloco For Your Data

Here are the top main reasons why Coloco can be the best and most feasible choice for you.


Slow internet can cause many hassles and hurdles in the working process. Coloco is a carrier neutral, multiple transit provider with multiple routing paths to ensure a smooth flow of work. It also offers direct peering with redundant connectivity, a constant 24/7 human network monitoring, and over 150 Gbps capacity.


Despite being one of the leading data centers, Coloco is very affordable as compare to other data centers. To ensure that every small and big company is facilitated, they have three different packages so that people can choose as per their own budget.


To guarantee the security of your data, the systems are always being monitored by teams of network engineers 24 / 7 /365 in the data center. The data center of Coloco was purpose-built by CenturyLink / Level 3, and then upgraded with multiple layers of redundancy.  In case power delivery fails, the data center has multiple generators with enough fuel on site to burn for days. 

It’s time to change your preferences and let your data be guarded by Coloco.  It is a secure and reliable data center that not only saves your expenses, but also excludes midnight emergencies at work. Try Coloco, as it’s fast, reliable, and on top of all, highly affordable.