Stick or twist? Why it makes sense to Coloco

In the olden days, one of the biggest barriers to having a truly effective IT system was physical space. Housing enough servers and data storage capacity to handle the needs of a growing company requires significant physical space. It comes with a bunch of additional management and maintenance costs as well. The solution is using Coloco!

It is no surprise then that today most successful companies look outside their own organization when it comes to their data storage needs. For some, this means migrating to the Cloud. However, there are huge benefits to considering a colocation data center like Coloco instead!

What is colocation?

Put simply, colocation is just moving your company’s servers and networking equipment to an external data center. Not quite outsourcing, it is more like a ‘data hotel’, where your servers and equipment are ‘co-located’ in rented space elsewhere, rather than stuffed away in a room in-house, taking up valuable space.

Colocation differs from cloud storage as you still retain control over your own equipment. Colocation data centers are local, allowing companies to manage and maintain their servers in the same way as they would in-house.

Why choose a colocation data center?

Lower costs

The most appealing aspect of colocation is that it provides huge cost savings. This makes it a fantastic choice particularly for smaller companies or businesses just getting started. Because the data center is shared, running costs spread out among the various organizations that rent space, allowing everyone to access far more advanced technology than they could afford on their own. Economies of scale mean enterprise-level service for startups and SMEs!

Higher bandwidth

Keeping your servers at an external data center lets companies take advantage of significantly higher bandwidths. Compared to what they would be able to achieve with hardware stored in a standard office.

Fully scalable

With in-house storage, you are constrained by the physical limitations of the space you use. However at a colocation data center if you need more space you can just rent some more! This is ideal for successful, growing businesses that will always want to be able to scale up when they need to.

Maintain control

One of the biggest advantages of Coloco over cloud storage is that you retain full control over your equipment and data, rather than relying on others. You can access your hardware 24/7, and manage and maintain it just as you would in-house.

Colocation data centers are the perfect option for businesses that need growth but are their IT storage constrain them. Check out Coloco’s racking packages and take your organization to the next level!

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