Key Roles of the Data Center Team

Data centers, with all their benefits, are becoming an essential part of businesses no matter the size. Not only do data centers centralize, store and protect data and applications necessary for the functionality, but they also house assets. They are critical to the continuity of the daily operations of organizations. However, what about the data center team?

Although there are different types of data centers, there is one common, necessary thing between all of them – professional staff. Without the right management and the right data center team, data centers can fail no matter how advanced the equipment is. We all know that one of the important departments a data center cannot operate without is the IT department. However, there are many other key roles a data center needs.

There are three main sets of data center talents found when categorizing; IT (as mentioned), Security Department and Facilities. Don’t worry, we will talk about them now.

Here is a list of job titles that have critical job roles in the smooth operation of data centers.

  1. Operators:
    Data center operators mostly oversee the functioning of large computers and mainframes. They also ensure whether or not the network is running smoothly.
  2. Technicians:
    An interesting thing about a data center technician’s role is that they are responsible for variety of tasks. Technicians do to wherever needed. In addition, they oversee the organization and fixture of cables and servers.
  3. The developers:
    Writing software, testing new programs and integrating necessary customer account information to relevant systems all fall under developer job description.
  4. Laborers:
    Although laborers are considered to have the lowest skill sets, a data center cannot operate without them. Some of their responsibilities include cleaning the data center and ensure they are following necessary regulations to keep the environment safe, loading (and unloading)
  5. Network Techs/ admins:
    Who do you run to when you’re stuck in a problem? Your mom? your friends? or even your dog? Network techs and admins have the same responsibility for data centers. Network techs and admins take all technical issues found under their wings and solve for a better data center workflow.

Data centers, in order to work properly, have to focus on every single part found. Whether we are talking about the equipment, software or the staff, each have their level of importance and one cannot operate without the other. Coloco offers many blogs that can help you get to know the other parts of data centers and their importance.

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