Is Colocation Safe?

You probably already know how important it is to keep your servers safe. They store your website and your company’s most crucial pieces of data, and you’ll need to make sure they’re protected from hackers. Colocation is an affordable and convenient way to store your servers – but does it have the safety features you need? Is colocation safe?

Luckily, colocation services provide plenty of safety and security features to ensure that your site stays up and running properly. Coloco offers secure colocation in the Washington DC and Baltimore area. Here’s what makes colocation a safe and secure option for your servers.

Professionally Monitored

Coloco has a team on-site 24 hours a day to monitor your servers and keep them safe. Only authorized team members are allowed into the facility, with PIN access and advanced biometrics to enforce this. There’s also both interior and exterior surveillance to add an extra layer of security.

This professional monitoring not only helps protect against external threats, but it also means there’s someone onsite who can help with any problems that arise. Should there be any problem with your server, you can contact the team right away to get it taken care of, instead of struggling to fix it yourself.

Redundant Connection

Reliable internet access is a must for any server. Coloco offers redundant internet connections, which protect against outages. When you need to scale up your services, it’s easy to do so safely by upgrading to the next tier of storage. Not only is our internet secure, but it’s also fast enough to meet all your needs as a growing company.

Backup Power

Colocation centers also use modern technology to make sure your server always stays up and running. This includes backup generators, which will keep your server running even if the initial source of power fails. There are also air conditioning systems and fans throughout the building, which prevents your servers from overheating. 24/7/365 live equipment monitoring helps catch and prevent other equipment issues before they happen.

At Coloco, we have a robust infrastructure to keep your servers safe and secure. In fact, in all cases it is safer to use colocation than to store your servers in-house.

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