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Setting up an infrastructure for a data storage and mining center costs a lot of money. In addition, it is a hectic and time-consuming process.  If saving money is important to you as well as reliable and secure data storage services, then take a look at colocation service companies. So, is colocation good for your business?

What these companies really do is charge a fee for renting out the data centers and hosting domains to businesses. Data centers like Coloco are in secure locations and they are constantly monitored round the clock which saves the data from online threats.

Therefore, if you are a small or medium scale business, colocation might just be the best solution for your data storage and hosting needs. Custom packages offered by different companies like Coloco can be opted for by large businesses as well.

So, if you’re a small-scale business owner or a running business looking for data storage and hosting options, colocation is one of best options. The best colocation providers include:

1. Coloco

Coloco offers you pre-custom and custom packages with 24 hours security monitoring and consistent backup coding.

2. Equinix

One of the largest providers of Colocation, Equinix, houses several hundreds of data centers with distribution, good networks, and a lot of custom options that businesses can choose from (as long as they don’t mind spending more money).

3. Cyxtera


Cyxtera is yet another colocation provider. It gives its customers a solid network of data centers, custom options, and reliable backup options.

4. Tierpoint

Tierpoint is optimized for the European region. So if your business covers that region, this might prove to be an ideal colocation provider for you. Although it may have some latency issues, Tierpoint houses many data centers and a good network outreach.

Now that you have read our blog, what do you think? Is colocation good for your business? Visit our website, Coloco, to read more blogs like this!