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Integrate Colocated Teams in Agile Software Testing-Know 5 Top Benefits

It seems impossible to gather all your employees at the same place at the same time. Most people work virtually, and others are strictly required to come to the office. With no exception, colocation plays a significant role in making communication strong and fixing the apprehension problems that can take place while working with agile software. You can’t make everyone happy simultaneously, and software engineers like to set their schedule accordingly. Moreover, in the highly competitive market, businesses fail to keep track of employees who don’t do their job roles.

These scenarios call for maintaining colocated teams. We all know that colocated teams simply refer to operating groups working on the same project under one roof. Many IT experts like to explore and make new trends; many go with distributed teams; they find it cost-effective.

On the other hand, many like to go with colocated teams in the specific project area, and agile testing is an example.

Top 5 Benefits of Colocated Teams in Agile Software Testing

1- Maintain Reliability

Agile testing requires constant communication for better understanding among team members. Members can easily share their opinions and ideas in the same place. It is easy enough for the entire development team to eliminate errors and confusion during the testing stage.

2- Efficient Product Development

It increases productivity at every stage of the project. Problems like time differences and fewer communication tools are no longer a problem because teams discuss occurring issues face-to-face.

3- Builds a Sense of Respect

An IT expert once stated that successful teams and their performance is always based on mutual respect. In colocated teams, people are already familiar with each other. This ensures the care and trust factor among the software development team. 

4- Better Team Management

Many team leads are witnessed saying that its ways are easier for them to manage a colocated team. They select their team members based on their experience and their capabilities.

5- Makes Operations Affordable

Firstly, the most important benefit, it lessens the operating cost of the project. The high price is allocated to communication devices, telephone lines, and data centers. Less use of devices makes operations more efficient yet affordable.

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