Importance of the Physical Location of a Colocation Facility

More and more businesses are migrating their servers to colocation centers in order to manage the demand of rapid digital transformation and ever-growing bandwidth requirements. It is secure, reliable, and cost-effective. However, you need to ensure that you choose the right physical location of a colocation facility for your business to maximize the benefits.

Business owners often tend to overlook the importance of the physical location of a data center. This is a mistake that costs them money, resources, and business. Here are three factors concerning the location that you should consider while choosing a colocation center for your organization.

Distance from your office premises

The colocation center employees are generally responsible for taking care of your server. But you and your team may need to visit the place occasionally to ensure the smooth running of the website. This can be a routine pre-scheduled visit, or it can be triggered by an unforeseen emergency situation. In both cases, traveling a long distance can be an unnecessary hassle. During emergencies, the distance between your office and the data center is even more critical. A situation that demands your immediate attention cannot wait for a day or two for you to visit the facility.

Choose a reliable data center where you can drive within a couple of hours without any troubles.

Distance from the primary fiber path

Uninterrupted and redundant connectivity infrastructure is critical for the efficient running of a data center. It needs to be located near the primary fiber path to provide continuous and consistent service. The further you go away from the main transmission path, the more you are dependent on third-party providers who will pass your data along. Try to find a colocation data center close to your office that sits near the primary fiber path.

Coloco data center is strategically situated on top of the primary fiber path for the east coast of the US to provide you a seamless service. It offers colocation facilities in Washington, D.C. and the Baltimore area.

Distance from your customers

In today’s online environment, speed is one of the key market differentiators. Even after providing top-notch services, companies keep on losing valuable customers due to the slow loading time of their websites. In order to avoid latency and optimize the website loading time, you must place the servers closer to the end-users.

Data requires time to travel, and it is directly proportionate to the distance covered. After a user registers a request, it reaches the server, and then the server responds to the request. You can minimize this time by keeping the server geographically close to where most of your customers are located.

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