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If you’re a business looking to maximize your online presence, colocation could be the perfect solution for you. Ever wondered, how does colocation work? Here is the concept of colocation explained in simple words just for you.

Colocation, also known as ‘colo,’ is a service that allows companies to host their own servers in data centers. These data centers are owned and managed by third-party providers. It provides businesses with secure access to high-speed Internet services, reliable power supplies, and cooling systems needed for server operations. 

By utilizing colocation services, companies can reduce IT overhead costs while ensuring their data remains safe and secure.

The Benefits of Colocation 

Colocation enables organizations to take advantage of all the benefits that come with having their own physical infrastructure in a data center without actually owning or operating it themselves. 

Companies get to enjoy a variety of benefits when hosting their servers in colocation centers, such as:

1. Higher Uptime and Reliability

Colocation providers often offer network uptime guarantees of 99 percent or higher. This ensures that businesses can keep their websites running smoothly and without interruption. 

2. Reduced Expense

By utilizing colocation services, businesses can reduce IT overhead costs associated with owning and operating their own data center facility. Colocation also eliminates the need for companies to invest in expensive cooling systems. Because the centers are already included with the cooling facility. 

3. Increased Bandwidth Capacity & Security

Colocation eliminates the need to share physical resources with other organizations. So, businesses that utilize colocation services also benefit from increased bandwidth capacity. 

Additionally, colocation centers provide businesses with a higher level of security than what they would have with their own in-house data center

4. Improved Performance

Hosting servers in a colocation center offers companies increased performance due to the improved cooling systems and increased bandwidth capacity available within the facility. 

Colocation Explained: How Does Colocation Work?

Colocation works by providing organizations access to secure server space within a third party’s data center. Companies can either purchase or rent rack space inside one of these facilities so that they can host their own server equipment in a secure environment. 

The provider will then be responsible for ensuring the data center’s power supply, cooling system, and Internet connection remain reliable and available at all times. 


Coloco can design the ideal IT environment for your business. Our cost-effective colocation services are located in Baltimore and Washington, DC, giving you local access to a secure, private cloud infrastructure. Contact us now to learn more about our competitive pricing and customized solutions!