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Data centers are not something new, and their importance is no secret to many. Many organizations give big importance and thought to their choice of data center types and location. Given that, having a great data center influences not only the productivity inside the company (such as their applications, file sharing in between colleagues and sister companies and emails) but also their relationship with the customers (such as CRM; Customer relationship management).

Data center

Okay enough talk about how data centers are important, what are they? In its simplest definition, data centers are physical locations that store huge hardware. Why? in order for companies and organizations to house their applications and data. It’s as simple as it gets, but let’s get a bit more technical. A company that works with a good data center can have its entire IT operation centralized. This smooths the daily workflow and increases productivity. Given the advancement of the digital world, data centers went from being physically controlled to a virtually controlled world.

With much importance, today we’ll get to know about some of its essential components. From switches to routers and servers, data centers have many components that they cannot go on without.

The operation staff:

Data center operation staff

Confused? I know. We just said that data centers are turned into this virtual world and is no longer a traditional physical one. Well, let us rephrase that. The need for staff and professionals is still available, given that they need to monitor the equipment on time.


Data center racks

Racks are one of the most important components you’ll come across once inside a data center. After all, they are what holds the hardware and keeps it safe. When data center racks are placed properly, they provide the servers and equipment with sufficient air to flow. Racks are important on so many levels. They not only prevent any damage and keep the servers in cool temperatures but also keep them running at optimal speeds.

You can always visit our blogs where we have explained the importance and roles of the racks in data centers by detail.


Data center racks

Short for uninterruptible power supply, this system helps data centers keep their power even during and after short power outages or unstable power supplies for a few hours. 

Without a UPS, data centers and the included hardware and equipment can be immediately lost or corrupted. You never want that for your data center, do you?


data center switch

One of the most important yet difficult decisions in the process of organizing your data center is buying switches. Switches are used in order to connect different devices which are found in the same data center.

Did you know that there are four basic categories of network switches?

Now that you know a bit more about data centers, let’s go more into the data center world simply by visiting Coloco!