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Data Centers Consume Energy

For many data providers, sustainability is a new and main selling point. Nowadays, businesses must find different answers for their data center infrastructure. The more IoT develops with interactive online content, crypto, VR, and artificial intelligence, the more data centers are needed. And although data centers aim to cool down their systems, it is only reasonable to conclude that adjacently more energy is consuming. Everything data centers need (servers, storage equipment, backups, and a cooling infrastructure) requires a lot of energy.

“Globally, data centers accounted for approximately 1% (or 205 TWh) of global electricity use in 2018 (Masanet et al., 2020; Pearce, Fred, 2018) and emitted as much CO2 as the commercial airline industry (Data Economy, 2017). Estimates suggest that annual electricity demand from data centers could grow to as much as 8,000 TWh by 2030 under worst-case scenarios.” 

Sustainability in Data Centers

More recently, sustainability-focused colocation centers have introduced cooling systems that make use of the airflow with sensors. And at the same time, centers are changing to clean energy. That is for powering their facilities to offset the environmental impact they have. This is great for enterprises.

Whether you have your own company that needs a good server or mining crypto, the more energy-efficient you are the better. As deals such as the Paris Agreement develop, it is important to try and stay ahead of the game by contracting an outsource colocation data provider such as Coloco.

Crypto Mining Is Sustainable

Over the last years, crypto mining has been held responsible for consuming more energy than necessary and being unsustainable. Advocates such as Elon Musk have gone against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They are saying that it uses an unacceptable amount – to the point where he has even rejected the use of bitcoin to buy any of his products. However, research shows that this is fake news altogether. In its first set of results, the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) demonstrated that 67% of the energy used to mine crypto is a mix of sustainable power. 

Colocation and Crypto Mining

The price in bitcoin and other currencies is changing rapidly and more miners are looking for cost-effective ways to mine. Colocation is a great solution: power, cooling, space for racks, security, supervision, and bandwidth on site. Most well-known data centers such as Equinix, Digital Reality Trust, and Tierpoint do not want to deal with miners. That is due to budgets, power fluctuations, and cooling requirements. Miners are turning to centers such as Coloco to meet their needs.