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Data is valuable, so is the equipment. While choosing a Colocation data center for your business, the security measures taken by the service provider should be one of your prime concerns. If the data center doesn’t have a robust security system in place, you shouldn’t probably go for them, no matter how enticing their packages looks. 

Before deciding upon a colocation center, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the security measures offered by the provider; and they are adequate for keeping your data safe. Here are the three key areas that you should focus on. 

Colocation Data Center Security

Physical Security and limited access

Physical security is critical for your data and equipment to remain safe and secure at the colocation facility. A well-guarded colocation center should have a multi-layered security system with restricted accessibility.

24/7 interior and exterior surveillance is critical to keep a colocation center free from any external attack. The ideal situation is for all the entry points of the facility are monitoring , and a group of trained professionals are on alert so that they can take immediate actions as and when required.

The cages of floors must be made secure with proper security infrastructure. Access to the center needs to be restricted only to the personnel who have satisfactory authorization.

Card readers, PIN access, advanced biometrics, and physical access control are some of the crucial security measures that a colocation facility must take to make the data center secure.

Protection against cyber attack

In today’s world, the threat of cyber-attack is real. Anyone and everyone can find themselves at the receiving end of such attacks. Thus, to keep your data safe, it is imperative to protect your server and network. Before trusting a facility with your valuable assets, make sure they have the capability to evaluate and remediate the security vulnerabilities. Also, ensure that the company uses the latest technology for the digital safety of your server and network.  

Live equipment monitoring

During the last few years, digital security systems have made immense progress; however, we still cannot ignore the need for manual monitoring.  A team of experts should be monitoring your equipment 24/7 to ensure they are working efficiently without any issues. These experts keep a keen eye on your system and immediately flag any security issue that comes to their notice.

Coloco offers 100% secure colocation facilities in Washington DC and the Baltimore areas. It has the most advanced digital security system along with 24x7x365 manual monitoring. Contact us to know more about our plans and services.