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How Data Centers are Doing Their Bit to Save The Planet

When you think of colocation, you probably think of huge data centers consuming massive amounts of power – not the greenest of enterprises. And you wouldn’t be completely wrong. Data centers in the United Kingdom, for example, use a staggering 7.5 terawatt-hours every year. This number is only going to grow as colocation’s popularity continues to increase. So, does colocation and green energy have anything to do with each other?

But despite consuming fairly serious amounts of energy, colocating your servers can actually be a green choice for your business. Here we take a look at some of the ways that colocation is helping to keep things green.


Power is a big-ticket item for colocation data center operators. So, it is no surprise to discover that they are taking serious measures. That is to ensure their operations are as sustainable as possible. This year’s Forrester report on the colocation industry showed that many data centers are moving to renewable energy providers, and some are even exploring ways to generate their own power.

Greater Efficiency

The act of migrating to a shared data center can be a net gain to the health of the planet. Moving servers to colocation facilities almost always means that older, less efficient data centers are taken out of commission. Consolidating servers in the most up-to-date, modern, and streamlined facilities means less waste, less inefficiency, less power consumed overall, and more sustainability. Fewer individual on-premise data centers mean a lower overall energy profile.

Wider Initiatives

There are also plenty of wider initiatives whereby the data center industry is leading on the drive for a lower-carbon world. European data centers, for example, formed the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact, which saw a pledge by 25 of the industry’s leading lights to improve their sustainability. The overall goal of the pact is to achieve carbon-neutral status for the colocation industry by 2030.

Colocation is a fantastic way to make your organization’s operations leaner and more effective. In addition, it is now moving towards making things more sustainable as well. By migrating your data workloads to a colocation service like Coloco, you can

  • Green up your business,
  • Reduce your office’s physical and carbon footprint
  • Provide enormous benefits for your clients AND the planet.

To learn more about how colocation can benefit your business, or to get a quote for the highest quality colocation services, get in touch with Coloco today and get rackin’ immediately!