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In today’s digitalized world, data is the new currency. The loss of critical data is unaffordable for any business, disrupting the necessary business operations. On that account, it is imperative to back up your data properly and plan a cloud disaster recovery strategy.

But accidents do happen, and you might lose your data. To save your business from the spillovers of a data loss incident, planning a strong cloud disaster recovery (DR) strategy is the way to go!

A cloud disaster recovery plan can retrieve your confidential data quickly and efficiently, saving you a lot of money and time.

This article shares step-by-step guidelines that you can follow to plan your cloud disaster recovery strategy. Thus, stay one step ahead in assuring smooth business operations. Let’s hop in!

Cloud Disaster Recovery Strategy

How to Plan a Cloud Disaster Recovery Strategy?

1.   Know Your IT Infrastructure to the Core

The foremost step is to get an in-depth understanding of your infrastructure.

Evaluate your IT infrastructure and assets and thoroughly assess the associated potential risks. Consequently, you will be better positioned to design your cloud disaster recovery strategy.

2.   Measure the Disaster Impact on Your Business

Once you’ve studied your infrastructure inside out, estimate the damage costs and impact on your business if any disaster strikes. There are two main components to evaluate your business’s sustainability:

  1. Recovery time objective: RTO is the maximum period your business can stay in business by going offline.
  2. Recovery point objective: RPO is the maximum length of time your business can withstand data loss.

Measure your RTO and RPO beforehand to articulate a solid cloud disaster recovery strategy.

3.   Decide On a Suitable DR Approach Based On Your Business Analysis

Last but not least, you can devise your DR plan smartly using your RTO and RPO evaluation. Following disaster recovery approaches come in handy when planning a cloud disaster recovery strategy:

  • Backup and restore
  • Managed applications and managed disaster recovery
  • Pilot light approach
  • Warm standby
  • Multi-cloud option
  • Replication to virtual machines in the cloud

Despite so many options available, the most recommended approach is to combine multiple strategies to accommodate your recovery goals. Invest in DR plans depending on the nature of your business (based on RTO and RPO analysis).

4.   Find the Most Suitable Cloud Service Provider

After mapping out your strategies and acknowledging your business needs, finding out the right cloud partner is the most crucial step.

Choose someone reliable, scalable, provides ideal security compliance, and above all, does not cost you a hefty amount. Thus, you can ensure a smooth and successful data recovery journey. Coloco is a great choice to safeguard your data in a secure environment across multiple centers.

5.   Formulate, Communicate and Test Your DR Plan

Cloud DR Formulation:

Firstly, work with your cloud partner to design your cloud disaster recovery strategies. Make sure you keep all the logistic issues in mind before devising any plan. When making your cloud-based infrastructure, don’t forget to incorporate your RTO and RPO specifications.

Cloud DR Communication:

Secondly, you must cite every minute detail and strategy of the DR plan to all the associated individuals. Further, ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities to act accordingly in case of any catastrophe.

Cloud DR Testing:

Last but not least, test your DR plan regularly to spot any loopholes, thus fixing and improving it. Therefore, regular testing will confirm that you are well prepared for any emergencies.

Conclusion: Combine Your Cloud Disaster Recovery Strategy with Colocation

Cloud disasters are scary, but not anymore, as Coloco is here to double coat your data security shield. We take away all your network storage needs with our protected physical environment.

Therefore, combine your disaster recovery solutions with our high-performance, network resilient, conditioned power, and reliable colocation services. Partner with our outstanding colocation facilities and services at the most affordable rates today!