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Data center colocation is no more a new concept. However, people in the business world still have some misconceptions about this arrangement. As a result, they often remain skeptical about migrating their IT infrastructure to a colocation center. In reality, colocation has a lot to offer, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Here we discuss some of those myths about colocation and explain why they are not correct. It will help you understand the true strength of colocation, and you will be able to make your decisions based on facts. 

Myth 1: Colocation is the same as managed hosting

Many believe colocation is another fancy name for managed web hosting. It’s not true. it is one of the myths about colocation. Colocation and managed hosting are two very different concepts. In colocation, you rent a space in a colocation facility and store your own equipment on their racks.  

On the other hand, managed services let you lease the equipment and infrastructure from a third-party service-providing company. The ownership of the server remains with the service provider. You pay a fixed price to use the equipment.   

Myth 2: Colocation is less secure than on-premises

It is another myth that you may have encountered often. Any reliable colocation facility would implement robust security measures to keep your server secure. In fact, colocation is often more secure than on-premises. They offer 24/7 interior and exterior surveillance to ensure the physical security of your server. Besides, deploy other security arrangements like caging, biometrics, card reader, and PIN to ensure only authorized personnel has access to the server rooms.

Myth 3: Colocation is not reliable

Colocation centers have redundant power supply and network connections. They ensure your servers are up and running 24/7. Besides, they also have a generator and battery backup. So, even if there is an outage, that doesn’t interrupt your server’s performance. Moreover, their high-speed and reliable network connection offers seamless service.  

All the reputed colocation facilities also employ a team of experts who monitor your server’s performance day and night. If there is any technical glitch, they can immediately intervene and solve the issue.  

Myth 4: You lose control when you collocate your server

With colocation, you own the server and retain total control over it. The colocation facility only offers you space and other supports required for the smooth running of your system. However, they do not have an ownership right over the equipment you store on their racks. 

Myth 5: Colocation is expensive   

Last but not least of the colocation myths, colocation is one of the most cost-effective ways to manage your IT needs. It offers complete control as well as flexibility and scalability at an affordable price. Colocation centers usually offer various packages suitable for different business sizes. At Coloco, the packages start at $295 per month. The installation charge for the starter rack is $695. You can upgrade to a more advanced plan anytime you want.

Have questions? Contact us to know more about colocation services and our different packages. We offer colocation services in Washington DC and the Baltimore area.